Deamonte Driver’s Death Spurs Calls for Reform

A 2011 Child Watch Column noted, “Since Deamonte’s death, Congress has recognized dental coverage as an important component of comprehensive care for children, enacting major policy changes to improve dental coverage for children. In 2009, the reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) required states to provide dental coverage to enrolled children, and gave states the option to provide dental benefits to certain children who do not qualify for full CHIP coverage. In 2010, the health reform bill known as the Affordable Care Act required that all insurance plans to be offered through new health insurance exchanges starting in 2014 include oral care for children, and prohibited these insurers from charging out of pocket expenses for preventive pediatric oral health services. These two new requirements alone will give millions of children financial access to dental health services, many for the first time.”

Additionally, in 2011 Deamonte’s home state of Maryland instituted a mobile pediatric dentistry project called the Deamonte Driver Dental Project Mobile Unit. This large van is a mobile pediatric dental clinic that takes oral health care to those in need.

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